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Student Wellbeing and Education Program (S.WE.E.P.)

A holistic youth wellbeing intervention delivered in schools, bringing together education and community services.

In 2019, S.WE.E.P. started with four schools. The program now spans four LGAs in across Sydney, in both primary and high school.

Schools play a crucial role in developing the wellbeing and mental health for young people, and school communities must be confident students can rely on support at school. Research indicates the correlation between low wellbeing levels and low educational engagement and attainment, and post-COVID studies indicate mental ill-health is on the rise.

S.WE.E.P. Workers support young people in school to increase their socio-emotional wellbeing and encourage positive engagement with services that suit their individual needs.

S.WE.E.P. Streams

S.WE.E.P. Primary

For Primary Schools, focusing on building connections and relationships with children, their families, and the school’s network. Delivered in-school.

S.WE.E.P. Secondary

For High Schools, focusing on building connections and relationships with young people, the school, families, and the broader community. Delivered in-school.

S.WE.E.P. Outreach

For Primary and High Schools, focusing on assertive out-reach and home visiting for children, young people, and families, to assist school attendance, engagement and family functioning.

S.WE.E.P. Programs

For any school context, focusing on development and delivery of tailored group intervention programs in the schools, in addition to 3Bridges TEI programs and interventions.

Targeted Early Intervention
School Programs

Supporting young people’s social, emotional, behavioural and mental wellbeing through evidence based programs, keeping young people at the center of everything we do.

Connect and Respect

A 7 week small-group program informed by CBT and ACT approaches, Connect and Respect focuses on healthy relationships, consent and developing and respecting boundaries in a culturally-aware and inclusive way. Through activities and discussion, young people develop this understanding of how to connect to their friends, families, and relationships through a positive mindset.

Connect Within

A targeted 7 week small-group program focused on building emotional awareness through self-reflection, mindfulness, and group activities. This mindfulness, CBT, and ACT informed program aims to strengthen existing emotional resilience and increase emotional regulation capabilities within young people.

My Community Through My Eyes

A 6 week targeted program using photography and outreach to connect young people to their local community. Sessions include identity, isolation and storytelling, and ends with an exhibition of young people’s work in their local school.

Taking the lead

A term-based program that aims to support young people showing leadership qualities to build capacity and understanding in this space. Youth Workers look to form relationships, demonstrate leadership, and engage using sport to support the growth of leadership skills. Young people then have the option to facilitate games and activities learnt throughout the program to younger people in their school context, to demonstrate and put in place their leadership skills.

Chicks Clique

A year-long program with monthly sessions, supporting a small group of female-identifying young people to have a space to talk about friendships, relationships, changing bodies, online safety, and more.

Social Seals

A 6 week small-group program supporting primary school aged young people with challenges in social skill development, including those living with anxiety or with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Through activities, discussion, and positive behaviour modelling, young people develop skills around pro-social behaviours, communication, boudaries, and positively connecting with friends, family, and other people.

Wellbeing Days

Catered to individual school needs, 3Bridges provides one-off wellbeing support days aimed at connecting with a school year cohort around issues identified by the school’s wellbeing team. These days can have themes, such as self-care, respectful relationships, consent, online safety, emotional intelligence, and much more.

Indigenous Learning Program

The Indigenous Learning Program is targeted to support cultural knowledge and connection for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people and their communities. The program supports building Blak history knowledge and awareness through the ROOTS module, storytelling and connection through yarning and art elements, and connection with history and sport through The Indigenous Games modules (TIG).

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