3Bridges Community
We listen to what matters to you so that together, as a community, we improve people’s wellbeing, connection and resilience.
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About Us

3Bridges Community

Making a Positive Difference

In a global world that’s always ‘on’, the importance of local communities can get lost. There’s never been a more important time for communities to be connected, engaged and valued.

Enriching communities is not only about effective service delivery; it’s belonging, self sufficiency, self-worth and value, and being equipped to take on life’s challenges and realise opportunities. That’s where we come in. At 3Bridges we have more than 40 years combined experience in partnering with local communities to provide an array of solutions that make a positive difference. By doing so we build happier, healthier, connected, educated and enriched communities.

At a glance

We’re an independent, non-religious organisation with 40 years experience in partnering with local communities to provide solutions that make a positive difference.

We take time to listen, to understand, to help.

We’re inclusive and support everyone.

We serve over 25,000 people each year

Our vision is to be a leading independent, non-religious community organisation making a positive difference and impact to people’s lives through engagement, integration and activation.

Our mission is to be a life long partner for the community – one that is there every step of the way, helping navigate life’s challenges and helping you to realise opportunities. In doing so we build happier, healthier, connected, educated and enriched communities.

We help the community navigate key transitions through life, tackling challenges and realising opportunities. In turn we build happier, healthier, connected, educated and sustainable communities, where everyone – both the young and old –  can thrive in their local community environment and become global citizens. We are champions of community partnerships and working together with many people in order to get ahead. We promote an inclusive environment where all people and stakeholders feel respected, listened to and valued.

We’re there every step along life’s journey – a trusted friend and ally for the community.

Two Primary Ways to Drive Brain Neuroplasticity

Every second of every day you are changing your brain. There are two primary ways to harness neuroplasticity and put it to work for you.

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Effect of Blood Glucose Levels on Brain Atrophy in Ageing.

Higher blood glucose levels, even within the ‘normal’ range, may have a significant impact on total brain volume and grey matter atrophy in later life.
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