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Meaningful impact means a commitment to creating a significant and lasting difference. 

It requires collaboration and deliberate actions, often challenging the status quo and overcoming obstacles. 

It’s about inspiring and empowering others, fostering empathy, and working towards solutions that address the community’s evolving needs. 

Focusing on the greater good and leaving a legacy of positive change.

Unique young people attended Youth zone DROP-IN throughout 2023.

Primary Carers on average access the Early Years Service over a 12 month period.

Young people have received 1:1 support from a 3bridges youth worker over 12 months, across all 10 participating schools.

Stories of impact

Consumption of Olive Oil and Diet Quality and Risk of Dementia-Related Death

Posted on
Widely celebrated for its heart-healthy properties, olive oil is now gaining attention for its potential role in cognitive health, particularly in reducing the risk of dementia. In a long-term study from the United States, involving over 90,000 adults over 28 years, it was found that those who consumed more than 7 grams of olive oil per day had a 28% lower risk of dying from dementia-related causes compared to those who rarely or never consumed olive oil, regardless of their overall diet quality. The evidence is compelling: adding olive oil to a diet can do wonders for brain health. Making…

Mindful Dementia Care: Supporting People Living with Dementia & their Carers

Posted on
RESEARCH PAPER Dr. Beatriz Cardona, Senior Research Fellow, 3Bridges, Adjunct Fellow, Macquarie UniversityAmal Madani, General Manager, Home & Health Services On June 12, at the National Dementia Conference in Melbourne, Amal Madani and Beatriz Cardona shared the early findings on the research-based model of care implemented at 3Bridges Mindful Dementia Care, highlighting the impact on people living with dementia and their carers. In 2023, 3Bridges implemented an Adaptive Coping model of care, Mindful Dementia Care. This model of care offers a range of psychosocial activities, aiming to support different adaptation areas, such as dealing with disabilities, developing an adequate care…
3Bridges Australian Lifesaving Academy Partnership

3Bridges announces collaborative partnership with Australian Lifesaving Academy NSW

Posted on
3Bridges, a leading provider of community services, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the Australian Lifesaving Academy NSW (ALA NSW). This collaboration aims to enhance the safety and well-being of our employees and volunteers by providing regular First Aid and CPR training sessions As part of this partnership, 3Bridges will engage ALA NSW to provide nationally recognised first aid training to the workforce. This training will equip our employees and volunteers with essential lifesaving skills, empowering them to respond effectively in emergency situations both at the workplace and in the community. “At 3Bridges, we are committed to offering…

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