Respite Service


Carers Respite Service

3Bridges Respite Service provides Carers with a break from their caring role.

The service is provided to family members or friends of people living with frailty, dementia, chronic illness or disability, where the person they are caring for is aged 65 and over.

Our service can be planned and flexible. It can be provided in-home or out-of-home and it covers South East Sydney.

If you would like more information, have any questions or would like to look at options for respite care please call the Carers Support Team on 1300 3Bridges (that’s 1300 327 434 or locally 8027 3200) or email

We provide the following:

Carer Counselling and emotional support

Grief and Loss Counselling

Monthly Support Groups for Carers

Carer Courses and information sessions


Carer Retreats and Weekends Away