Mental Health


Mental Health

3 Bridges and our community partners Bus Stop Films and Summit Health have come together to deliver two programs for people with chronic and persistent mental health issues. At 3 Bridges, we know how important connection to community is so our programs connect people in healthy leisure and vocational activities that support their journey in recovery. It is a priority for 3 Bridges that all the people who connect in our programs continue to be engaged in our community.

Film Making

The people we work with often face societal barriers that prevent them from engaging in the mainstream film industry. Together Bus Stop Films and 3 Bridges Community enable those we work with to participate in filmmaking at a professional level and use filmmaking as a tool for creating social change. Bus Stop want our diverse and marginalised communities to be heard and represented within the Australian and international cinematic landscape.

We are currently in the post production process for our first short film with the premiere coming up in July. Our second film is currently in pre-production and will be shot in late July. The groups participate in a 10 week film making course, where the pre-production takes place and this is followed by an on location film shoot, supported by industry professionals. The results – remarkable!

The response to our Film Making initiative has been phenomenally positive and a testimony to the talent of the students and film making as a medium for producing cohesive teams, confidence to pitch ideas and an unrivaled feeling of camaraderie. Students participate in a meaningful vocational endeavor, the outcomes; some have broken off to start work on their own films, some have work in the film industry, some in other field and all have continued to stay connected in our community and unlimited potential has been unleashed!