Children and Families


Be enriched as you learn and grow

At 3Bridges we’re devoted to the families that make up our community. We provide a range of opportunites for you and your children to participate in a nurturing and supportive environment. In order to make the most of the services we offer, we encourage you to check out the services below.

Our services aim to support you as your family changes and grows. We have a number of parenting groups aim at education or just socialising and having fun. Contact us to learn more about our Parenting Groups, Childcare Services (OOSH and Vacation Care) or our event calendar filled with art, sport and fun times.

We can help answer your questions

How can I make sure my child is ready for primary school?

How do I find someone to care for my child while I’m at work?

How can I find other children for my child to play with?

How do I learn more about looking after my child?

Children’s Services

OOSH and Vacation Care are one of our most valued services here at 3Bridges Community. Our goal is to provide high quality care practices for school aged children from Kindergarten to Year 6, in a stimulating, comfortable and supportive play-based learning environment enabling families to confidently pursue work, study or other activities.

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Early Years Support Service

Having a child changes your life forever but our new Early Years Support Service is right by your side.  Service coordinators Lina and Anne, and our team of volunteers, can help you to

  • Build your confidence and parenting skills
  • Link you into support networks
  • Reduce stress and anxiety or
  • Just give you a bit of time out to sleep.

Lina and Anne have 15 years’ experience supporting families across the Sutherland Shire. Working with trained volunteers, they are now bringing their expertise to 3Bridges’ new service across the Sutherland regions.

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