Carers Support Service


Support for when you need it most

Caring is a role which involves a great range of emotions, from joy and privilege to fear and frustration. Carers find themselves in situations they find confronting, frightening, challenging and saddening. We work alongside these Carers, sharing their experiences and helping them to meet the challenges that come with caring.

3Bridges Carers Support Service is dedicated to strengthening, empowering and supporting Carers. These Carers are family members and friends of people who experience disability, frailty, dementia, chronic illness or mental health issues.

We provide the following:

Carer Counselling and emotional support

Grief and Loss Counselling

Monthly Support Groups for Carers

Carer Courses and information sessions


Carer Retreats and Weekends Away

Carer Gateway

Carer Gateway provides information specific for carers and has a service finder and guided search to assist carers with information on carer support organisations. Please click here for more information.