the pathway project.

the breakdown.

the pilot.

rotational work experience

Target Audience

Year 10 Students


10 week program


Local school 


Max 12 students to Min 6 students

Day 1


Days 2 – 10

3 Day Rotation

  • Outside School Hours Care
  • Aged Care Social Groups
  • Arrowsmith Fulltime Program

Day 10

  • Half Day
  • Survey participants
  • Share employment & educational pathway opportunities
  • Inform on other 3B services

employment opportunities

Educator/Support Worker* within the following sectors:

  • Outside School Hours Care
  • Aged Care Social Groups
  • Arrowsmith Fulltime Program

*no accreditation required, only appropriate police checks

educational pathways

Career pathways:

  • Team Leader
  • Case Management
  • Nominated Supervisor
  • Intake Officer

Educational requirements:

  • Cert IV: Community Service
  • Cert III: Aged Care
  • Cert IV: Youth Work
  • Cert III: Early Childhood Education & Care


  • Youth placement opportunities

  • Workforce brand loyalty growth

  • Supplemental workforce pool in key shortage areas

  • Access to new cohort of learners to 3Bridges RTO educational pathways

team & community collaboration

Educational Partner: Peakhurst High School has shown interest in participating.

Estimated total staffing time required:  4 weeks each rotation / 152 hours.

    Resource: current team

    Liaise with educational partners re program participation

    Provide support during rotation as required, ex. transport participants via Youth bus

    Resource: RTO team or existing resource

    Organise program for confirmed participants

    Initiate participant onboarding process

    Coordinate rotations, including transport

    Resource: OSHC team

    Deliver work experience rotation

    financial implications

    RTO or Organisational Pilot Resource/Staffing required for minimum 152 hours.

    No added cost for Youth Team and Rotation Services. Program does not add more to current work requirements.

    future potential

    • Include accredited first aid training

    • Development of structured study/employment program

    • Expand on target audience as pilot success is evaluated

    • Traineeship program

    • Grow to 4 x work experience rotations annually including career path follow up connections