Seniors Social Support Groups

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Enabling seniors to stay connected and meet up with friends. Our social program integrates a diverse range of interests, such as: art, music and dance, cultural events, exercise groups, outings, sport, floral arranging, pamper days, tease the mind with trivia, great coffee, great conversations and more.

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Olive & Len’s Journey with 3Bridges

Here’s a little bit of my story and how I ended up at the 3Bridges group, how I chose it.

I’m just going to go back briefly, to I think 8 or 9 years ago when we, in the family, we noticed Len, my husband, acting a little bit strange and what we should do about it.

At the time he was actively working in the Men’s Shed, he was also a volunteer with Sydney Heritage Fleet, he was enjoying that too, carpentry was his interest and he was working on the Kanangra, the old ferry, and he loved it but dementia was showing and things were getting difficult.



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