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Tips for Staying Safe During Self‐Isolation


Are you over 65? Are you & your friends ok?
The COVID‐19 restrictions are stressful for everyone, but you deserve to be comfortable & safe. Here you will find tips on how you can stay safe during self-isolation.

Tips for Staying Safe During Self‐Isolation

Be careful who you trust

  • Only accept help from, share personal details with, people you know well feel comfortable with ‐ it’s ok to say ‘no thanks’ or change your mind
  • Never give your house keys to strangers or let people in your home who you don’t know ‐ get deliveries to the door only
  • Be wary of registering yourself with any neighbourhood help group – do you want to advertise that you are home alone?
  • You always have the right to be valued, feel safe inside your house receive the food medical care you need ‐ no one should ever say you are a burden
  • If you don’t have family or friends you trust, seek registered Community Services from My Aged Care ‐ 1800 200 422 or

Stay socially connected

  • Have a few phone buddies make a time to talk to at least one of them
  • every day, so they know you’re ok
  • Call for help if someone is hurting you or taking your money ‐ 000 for police or 1800 628 221 for the NSW Ageing Disability Abuse Helpline

Be careful with your money

  • Make sure you nominate a trusted person as your Power of Attorney let the bank know who that is ‐ always review your bank statements
  • Don’t give anyone your credit card ‐ if you need someone to shop for you, pay them when they deliver the shopping with a receipt or invoice
  • Protect your password ‐ never give your pin or login away

Have an emergency plan

  • Community Services are working together to protect vulnerable seniors support them to remain safely in their own homes
  • Have at least one buddies’ number programmed into your phone for a quick call if you need urgent help
  • Put your essential papers in a place where you can find them in a hurry or if you need to explain the location to a trusted person
  • Write a list of your key family members, phone buddies any Community Services you use who need to be contacted in emergencies
Abuse and neglect of older people is a crime

More information: tel 9520 7022 or email

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