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What Our Dementia Groups Are Doing Differently During These Challenging Times


In line with COVID-19 pandemic, Meeting Centre Support Program (MCSP) had to quickly respond and restructure itself from a group-based program to an individual, one on one support for our members. Now that the anxiety and panic of the pandemic has settled, we, the MCSP team, have been able to re-evaluate and reflect on our experiences and learnings over the last couple of months.

What Our Dementia Groups Are Doing Differently During These Challenging Times

We are aware that for a person living with dementia, two months can make a big change in the persons’ physical and cognitive abilities, which will also increases the burden on their family carers. Many of the carers have communicated seeing this change happening and commented that resuming group participation may no longer be an option for their family member due to increased cognitive deterioration. 

Here is what we know.

MCSP is an evidence-based program that provides psychosocial and psychomotor therapies in a structured way and having the person with dementia in mind. This range of activities is what has differentiate us from conventional social support from the inception of the program. Our program is not a respite service. It is designed to support the person with dementia to adjust to the diagnosis and provide ongoing social, emotional and physical support. 

Another unique pillar of the MCSP is the combined support, for the person living with dementia and their family carers. Carers support will be provided on a need basis and will include individual and group support, information, education and counselling. It is co-designed depending on the carer’s individual circumstances at the time.  

Therefore, this is what 3Bridges is introducing.

As from June 2020, we are introducing another “arm” of the MCSP, named Individual Dementia Support - Home Visiting Program. This program will replace Covid-19 short-term package and will be offered on on-going basis and in addition to our group support.  

The new Individual Dementia Support is based on the principles of MCSP and the individual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (iCST).  

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) is an evidence-based approach for people with dementia and has been integral part of the Meeting Centre Support Program. Some of the activities that are part of the CST include: reality orientation; social conversations; current affairs; physical games; games with words & numbers; quizzes;  food; music; art and more.  

These activities are usually provided in a group setting at our two Centres and are currently provided on an individual basis through Covid-19 home visiting program. 

Research suggests 2 x 1.5 hours home visits, including all activities listed below as the most effective way to deliver iCST. 

  • iCST (individual cognitive stimulation therapy)  
  • Mobility and balance enhancement exercises and physical activities  
  • Tailor made social activities 
  • On-line / telephone carer support, training and counselling (individual and group) 

Fees apply. For more information, call the MCSP team on 1300 327 434

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