Dr. Beatriz Cardona, Senior Research Fellow, 3Bridges, Adjunct Fellow, Macquarie University
Amal Madani, General Manager, Home & Health Services

On June 12, at the National Dementia Conference in Melbourne, Amal Madani and Beatriz Cardona shared the early findings on the research-based model of care implemented at 3Bridges Mindful Dementia Care, highlighting the impact on people living with dementia and their carers.

In 2023, 3Bridges implemented an Adaptive Coping model of care, Mindful Dementia Care. This model of care offers a range of psychosocial activities, aiming to support different adaptation areas, such as dealing with disabilities, developing an adequate care relationship with caregivers, preserving an emotional balance and positive self-image, developing, and maintaining social relationships, and dealing with an uncertain future. The research focuses on the journey of a selection of participants actively engaging in the Mindful Dementia Care service.

To read more, download the full research paper below:

About Amal

With a career in the aged care sector spanning 20 years, Amal’s work has been driven by a passion for supporting older people and individuals living with dementia, along with their families. Throughout her work, Amal has focused on exploring research, implementing healthy ageing programs and challenging society’s negative stereotypes about older people.

“I fully recognise the critical role of early intervention and education and am committed to researching and integrating evidence-based practices into service delivery. My goal is to enable frail older people to continue living at home for as long as it is safe and feasible, respecting their preferences.” Amal Madani, General Manager Home & Health Services (3Bridges).

About Beatriz

Dr Beatriz Cardona, joined 3Bridges in 2023, bringing a wealth of experience from Macquarie University and Western Sydney University, focusing on research outcome measures for community aged care programs. Dr Cardona lends her research expertise to Mindful Dementia Care and the development and analysis of the research associated with the service.

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