New to Volunteering

new to volunteering

What is Volunteering?

Volunteering involves a person who wants to spend time working for a service to assist the community for no financial gain. They can be working for an organisation as a volunteer (formal) or helping family/friend at home (informal)

The Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteers benefit by providing a community service both formally and informally whilst seeing an impact in the work they do. They gain skills, knowledge and training through the work they do. They are involved in the community and connected to those they work with providing social, teambuilding and relationship building skills. Volunteering gives you a sense of satisfaction you are giving back to the community along with building confidence within yourself.

Volunteer Roles (A Cause You Care About)

Here are volunteer roles you might be passionate about doing;

  • Social Support (Aged care & Disability groups)
  • Youth Mentoring
  • Bus Drivers
  • Children’s Services (Before & After school care & vacation care)
  • Meal Deliveries & Stock management
  • Administration Assistance
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Early Years Support Service
  • Student Assistance (Arrowsmith)
  • Information Desk (Westfield, Hurstville)
  • English tutors (Chinese Day Care).

Volunteer stories


Vivien has been volunteering with 3Bridges for over 2 years. She supports our Get Together Group on Mondays and Centre Based Day Care on Wednesday and Thursdays.

At a loose end after caring for her mother for 6 years, Vivien found she enjoyed interacting with the elderly and was introduced to our Carer’s Group.

‘Volunteering with 3Bridges gives me a sense of purpose and I feel in a small way I am helping enrich the lives of the clients’.

‘Its very rewarding here and nice working with like-minded people that enjoy helping others. It feels like we all become an extended family.’

Vivien and her husband live about 500 metres away from the Penshurst Community Centre. Vivien and her husband ran a small import / wholesale business for about 20 years which she sold to become the sole carer of her elderly mother.

‘My mother entered a nursing home about 2 years ago due to needing specialist care’ and that’s when I turned to 3Bridges to volunteer.

Vivien find enjoyment supporting our young adults with a disability group on Mondays and loves interacting with carers and clients.

‘My friends feel I have become more outgoing and confident since doing this work’.


Daniel is a regular contributor to our Get Together Group Program 2 days per week. This is a centred based program for adults with severe disabilities aiming to reduce social isolation, enhance self confidence and broaden options for leisure time. The program is very popular and includes social contact, outings, skills development and recreational activities for clients. Daniel also supports our Seniors/Dementia Group by preparing meals, travelling with clients and interacting with them.

Daniel has been a committed volunteer for many of these programs since 2009 and has freely given 5,000+ hours to our clients. He is always positive and encouraging in his communication and shows great patience and enjoyment in his interactions with clients.

In January 2015, Daniel supported our children’s services team enabling them to provide the higher level support needed to include two five year olds with multiple disabilities in our vacation care program. Because of this, two little girls not only had fun and made friends but improved their communication skills. And their parent /carers enjoyed some much needed respite. Daniel quickly developed rapport with the children who looked forward to his attention and sense of fun.

In late May 2015 this service was independently audited under the Disability Standards by 2 independent auditors. The work of Daniel was noted by the auditors as outstanding. His level of sincerity, compassion and understanding for clients with severe disabilities was singled out as highly commendable.

Volunteer Fact Sheets

We have developed a fact sheet to help you understand and answer some questions you may have on how our volunteer program works.

A- Z of volunteering

Contact me

Volunteer Coordinator – 1300 327 434 or email address

Volunteer Training

View our Leisure and Learning Calendar for details about upcoming and current training programs.

Volunteer recognition and rewards

Our volunteers play a big part in 3Bridges Community to deliver programs to our community. We recognise their achievements by holding two volunteer events per year to say thank you and invite them to be part of our General Staff meetings and annual Christmas Party. Our volunteers get nominated for the NSW Volunteer of the Year Award and our own Monthly Awards.


Our Location

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