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Wellbeing support for carers of new babies

Early years support

3Bridges Early Years Support focuses on early intervention home visiting service to support primary carers as they adjust to the arrival of their new little one.

A newborn brings beautiful highs and sometimes challenging lows. Many mothers face this emotional journey alone or with limited support. The importance of early intervention for mothers who are struggling during this crucial time is critical to maintaining a positive quality life for the mum, child and family unit.

Our Research

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We partnered with Western Sydney University to develop independent research, generating an understanding of the impact of Early Years Support Services has on the lives of the vulnerable mothers and their child(ren), as well as implications for the social investment from state and federal agencies.

1 in 5 women

Experience maternal anxiety, and or depression during the perinatal period. And it’s growing!

Experience tells us…

  • There is an increase in traumatic birth experiences
  • New mums are unaware of available support services
  • Mums are experiencing very early hospital discharge
  • There is a larger emphasis on birth planning, less on post-natal education

Our purpose:

Enabling families
to thrive

We focus on the wellbeing of new primary carers, providing vital space to feel vulnerable and open to support. Removing the stigma around postnatal mental health and normalising the act of asking and finding much needed help.

How We Help:

Each family is individually assessed by our professionally trained team members prior to allocating an appropriate Volunteer and/or Family Support Worker, matched specifically for each family’s needs.

Our team provides physical, social and emotional care to prepare mums for birth, identify early warning signs of difficulties, and promote maternal/carer and infant bonding.

  • In-home support is provided by our Family Support Workers and Volunteer team across South East Sydney.
  • Weekly support >> 2 – 3 hours per week
  • Support can range from 3 months to 1 year

Join our team of volunteers

Our Volunteer Home Visitors are carefully selected, screened and trained by industry professionals. Many of our Volunteers are parents/grandparents themselves or have previous working experience in the women’s health sector.

Who we help

Mums or primary carers who are isolated and/or require additional assistance after the arrival of a new baby.

Mums or primary carers who have experienced multiple births, living with mental health issues or disability within the family.

Mums or primary carers who have experienced domestic violence.

The volunteers are so amazing and helpful. I am so grateful for their support. I have no idea what I would do without them. I am much less anxious over the last few months!

Tanya, Parent receiving Early Years Support

Do you or someone you know need help?

Contact our team for more information.


For the mum or carer

The benefits of early intervention strategies have shown a significant impact on a functioning family unit, supporting mental health challenges, financial and social costs, poor learning and social development of children as a result of mother’s or carer’s mental health and lack of attachment with baby.

  • Increased parental confidence, particularly for first time primary carers
  • Early detection of childhood developmental issues
  • Improved health in maternal and child wellbeing
  • Primary carers experience an increased sense of belonging to their community

For the community

Benefits of the community and volunteers adds to inclusivity, diversity and building of social capital.

  • Reduced impact on public services
  • Early detection of declining mental health
  • Promoting maternal and infant bonding
  • Reduced risk of entry to child protection and health services

Amanda’s Story

Get involved

Imagine helping a new carer in need with the time and space to be vulnerable

We collaborate with many wonderful community partners whose shared passion and financial contributions make an incredible difference in the lives of many families.

A partnership with 3Bridges Early Years Support, means you become part of our family. Our network of like-minded partners work closely with us to help achieve shared impact and improve the lives of many across South Sydney and beyond. We are on a mission to shine a light on supporting mum’s when they need it most – but we can’t do it alone!

We connect with you every step of the way

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