3 ways that trampolining can ‘jump’ start kids’ fitness

16 Jul 3 ways that trampolining can ‘jump’ start kids’ fitness

3 Bridges is pleased to announce that we have just received a new trampoline thanks to Vuly Play, Australia’s most trusted manufacturer of outdoor play equipment. As well as offering endless hours of outdoor fun, the new trampoline can provide a variety of health benefits for our community. Here are 3 surprising ways that trampolining can jumpstart your kids’ fitness:

1. Builds cardio fitness

Trampolining is an invigorating way to build cardiovascular strength, improve heart health and increase lung capacity. In fact, NASA conducted a study on the benefits of trampolining – and determined that this form of exercise provides a better cardio workout than 33 minutes of running!

2. Enhances core stability

Bouncing on a trampoline requires kids to engage both their upper and lower muscle groups, to provide stability and power. For this reason, jumping movements offer a safe and gentle way to enhance core stability. Trampolining also assists in building bilateral motor skills – and trains the brain to safely coordinate movements between arms and legs.

3. Improves bone density

Childhood and early adolescence are considered vital ‘bone building’ years, as approximately 90% of bone mass is developed before the age of 20. Trampolining helps to safely develop bone strength, and also supports the growth of healthy ligaments and tendons. As children bounce on a trampoline, their bones bear weight and work against gravity – improving bone strength in a low-impact environment.

Of course, trampolines also offer hours of healthy, outdoor fun! We are excited to incorporate trampolining into our Before/ After and Vacation Care programs. Thank you Vuly Play for your kind donation!