Vacation Care is Coming Up

14 Sep Vacation Care is Coming Up

Summer Hill is rocking! Our July Vacation Care program was jam-packed with lots of fun-filled activities including the children’s favourites and introducing some new and exciting experiences. The program kept the children engaged in creative and challenging activities with a focus on learning through play.

At Strike Bowling the children took aim and hit the target. At John Paton Reserve the children explored the natural environment with small tree climbing and brought back treasures discovered during the nature scavenger hunt game.

Celebrating the ancient traditions and culture of our indigenous friends, the children joined in many sports activities at the Indigenous Olympics in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Gymnastics at Sydney Olympic Park allowed children to extend and show off their gymnastic skills. The Incredibles Movie at Westfield, Burwood was a hit with children enchanted by the animated characters.

We also joined our 3Bridges Rockdale sister service to make new friends, pat and cuddle Kindi Farm animals and being little scientists making soap bombs and lava lamps.

Nature play took the form of sculpting with clay and mud in the garden. The children also participated in a master chefette competition with their cake decorating creations. There were lots of opportunity for hanging out with friends, hair-braiding, dance and world cup soccer throughout the program.
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