Children Services – What’s On

28 Aug Children Services – What’s On

What’s been happening at Mascot Children Services?

Mascot recently went through Assessment & Rating. Mascot 3Bridges came out with an overall rating of Meeting National Quality Standards (NQS)! This is an excellent achievement for a service that has only been open for 4 months! Mascot OSHC exceeds NQS:6.2 Collaborative partnerships enhance children’s inclusion and wellbeing. Staff arrangements and Educator support of children’s social & emotional learning were also commended.

About Our Children:

A wide age range of children attend 3Bridges Mascot. It is amazing to see friendships establish and older children helping out & guiding younger children – especially during Vacation Care. The children activities catered to their interests and the result? The children had a blast! Particularly enjoyed catching buses to venues close by and discovering their neighborhood.

What have we been up to?

The children at Mascot have been participating in a garden project. We planted lettuce, basil and strawberries. The children are excited to watch the plants grow. They also can’t wait until we can eat them!

The children wanted to extend their gardening past the vegetable garden. They requested flowers and Aloe-Vera! They had an amazing time planting these and love watering them.

We are also saving all of our food scraps! Our bread and crackers get fed to the chickens and all our fruit scraps and shredded paper are fed to the compost! The children are excited to see the compost break down to make fresh mulch for our garden beds.  Even though it smells really bad!

Visit our garden next time you’re at Mascot OSHC.