Fun Times at Summer Hill Vacation Care

15 Jun Fun Times at Summer Hill Vacation Care

Congratulations to the 3Bridges kids who once again won the Easter Colouring Competition for the second year in a row!

At the end of term 1, we had a Family Event. Thank you to all the families of 3 Bridges Before and After School Care and the wider school community for coming and participating in the event. Everyone had a lot of fun. It was a great success. We had great games such as pin the tail on the elephant, the clown game, twister, paper planes and many more. We also had stalls such as hair braiding and many more. We also had yummy food to eat such as popcorn, cordial, party pies and many more. It was delicious. Thank you to all the children who helped with the stalls on the day.

As the term 1 school holidays come to an end, so is our April vacation care. We had a lot of fun going to a lot of places and doing lots of incursions in the service. The first week we had a lot of fun going to places such as going to the Bridge pylon lookout, pizza in the park and Archie Bros. We also had fun watching a clown show, jumping castle and being creative making stuff out of recycled materials.

The second week we went to Monkey Baa Theatre to watch a show called Josephine Wants to Dance and we also went to the movies. We enjoyed learning about percussions,  practising our yoga and participating in the Child Protection Week Art Competition.

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