“What’s Happening” at Mascot Vacation Care – May 2018

17 May “What’s Happening” at Mascot Vacation Care – May 2018

Mascot Children Services has been open for almost a whole term, and in that time we have been busy building friendships and making connections with our world. The children and educators at Mascot have been busy since the end of vacation care, making our space look like our own. We have made photo displays showing all the fun we had at Vacation Care in April. We collaborated together and have already made suggestions as to where we would like to go next Vacation Care. We have also listed a bunch of activities we can do during the term such as participating in a range of craft activities to let our imaginations run wild. We know that we will definitely have more park adventures in the upcoming holidays as it seemed to be our absolute favourite excursion!

The children helped set up a display area for all of our fabulous artworks created here! The colours and space have made the hall brighter and the children are extremely excited to have their work put up on display. As we can’t physically put block constructions up on the wall, we have taken photos of our creations and put those on display for everyone to see!

We take so many photos of our children enjoying themselves and participating in all kinds of activities, that we thought it would be a great idea to purchase a digital photo frame. The children love seeing their photos pop up on the screen and have even sat in front of the screen to watch all the photos fly past.

We have set up a Chill Out Zone and altered our Program/Routine to add some “down time” when we pack away all loud activities and relax by reading/having technology time/and drawing before we go home. The children are really responding to the new routine.