Brain Awareness Week 12th-18th March

15 Mar Brain Awareness Week 12th-18th March

Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. It is an opportunity to let people know about the progress that is being done in brain research as well as progress in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders of the brain, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, schizophrenia, and depression.

What is happening at 3Bridges during Brain Awareness Week?

People at 3Bridges have been joining in activities that help to develop the health of their brain and their wellness during 3 Bridges Healthy Brain Week. We know that connecting with people, trying something new, eating well, sleeping at a regular time and finding joy in our lives all contribute to a healthy brain.

Children at our Penshurst centre are enjoying breakfast together in the new kitchen which is now much closer to the children and helps to create a warm friendly family feeling – probably the best thing for our brain.

The Arrowsmith program and our health and wellness programs exercise specific parts of the brain to improve 19 key functions increasing the speed of processing and abilities to communicate and develop relationships. This brain strengthening is like bodybuilding for the brain, it works directly on the brain like a muscle so that the way the brain works changes. People work hard on our part-time and full-time program and we are always keen to connect to other evidenced-based programs that can support healthy strong brains (to find out more, contact Rachael Henderson at

Check out our recent Arrowsmith student experience (  as well as Updates in Brain Plasticity workshop by Norman Doidge (

Our brain is said to have 5 ages  ( – Gestation, Childhood, Adolescence,  Adulthood, and Ageing. Participants at  3Bridges develop the strength of their brain health at each of these stages. People enjoy cooking together, trying something new, exercising and playing new challenging games at our Meeting Centre which is an innovative new service that improves symptoms of dementia and delays admission to residential care. There are places in this program now available for people with early stages of dementia and their carers (to find out more, contact Dragana Bozinovski at

During Brain Awareness week take the time to connect with us and plan for a stronger healthier brain for your self and those that you are for.

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