Allied Health

The Allied Health team takes a holistic approach to ongoing health management.

Our team of health professionals supports the preservation and enhancement of your physical and mental well-being by assisting you in cultivating a self-sufficient environment within your home and community.

Elderly hands using a puzzle with an Allied Health professional

Occupational Therapy

Keeping safety and independence paramount, our OT’s carry out home assessments to assist with daily activities and feelings of safety through equipment prescription, home modifications and task adaptation.

Disability group participating in exercise physiology session

Exercise Physiology

Exercise plays a huge role in healthy ageing, and it is an effective way of controlling weight, reducing falls and the risk of developing medical conditions in later life. Our Exercise Physiologists tailor their programs according to individual needs and aim to work in a fun and energising manner.

Client working with physiotherapist using a bright green roller


Our Physiotherapists treat a wide range of health conditions including sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions as well as chronic health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis and stroke. Our Physiotherapist can also help you if you are noticing a loss of balance or mobility due to ageing. They can help assess, diagnose, and treat your condition no matter your age!

Nurse taking blood pressure in home


Our nursing service offers home care assessment and intervention packages, specialising in the management of wounds, medication, continence care, and diabetes.

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