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A Holistic Approach to Ongoing Health Management

Our team of health professionals supports the preservation and enhancement of physical and mental well-being by cultivating an inclusive and empowering environment at home and in the community.

Providing essential and professional care for people, including children, seniors and those with chronic and mental illnesses and disabilities. Through collaboration with our clients, our team of exercise physiologists, nurses, and occupational therapists help to increase independence, community participation, and well-being.

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Supporting Simone’s Goal

Simone’s goal was set, she wanted to become more competitive in swimming.

To support Simone in reaching her goal, our therapist, Jo, had been working with Simone on improving her strength, coordination and flexibility. This therapy along with Simone’s grit and determination, has not only helped with becoming a more competitive swimmer but she has competed at the 2022 Special Olympics, winning GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE! In addition to numerous other ribbons in various swimming events.

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