Giving South Sydney a VOICE

As a community organisation that is focused on making a positive difference to all members of the community, we’re guided by a set of values that come under the acronym, VOICE. At 3Bridges, are a place where everyone has a voice and is heard. Together, let’s elevate stories of the community, share and spread the word so that we can all feel connected, engaged and enriched. For us, VOICE means the following:


We’re a vibrant organisation, colourful and energetic with a strong culture of celebrating the efforts and achievements of not only our team but our supporters, volunteers and the people we help.


Our open nature celebrates the diversity of the community in Sydney’s South and we know that people come from all walks of life to be part of our community. We are focused on belonging.


We’re game changers. We’re forward looking, ground breaking and always push beyond the traditional boundaries of community partnerships. We’re savvy, smart and always challenge ourselves.


We work in partnership with all the community stakeholders. Together we transform lives through quality and innovative solutions that empower people to meet daily challenges.


We value quality. We know that our community deserves nothing but the best and we are dedicated to ensure that the community services are always striving for betterment of the community.

Our Quality Policy

3Bridges Community is committed to providing quality services in a professional and consistent manner that meets its customers’ requirements. 3Bridges Community prides itself on providing innovative solutions to customer service requirements. The company strives to meet customer expectations and seek to provide a high standard of service at all times which meets the relevant statutory requirements.