Our Management

Experience driving engagement

The management team have been recruited with specific skills and qualifications. These include undergraduate and/ or post graduate qualifications in management, public administration, accounting, social work and project management. The management team follow key performance indicators and have day to day responsibility for service delivery, financial management and continuous improvement.

The Board has established a management team structure with Directors leading four functional areas including: Finance, Operations and Integration, Community Development and Community Care.

Rosemary was selected as the CEO in 2014, following the merger of the community centres in Menai, Penshurst and Arncliffe. She was previously CEO at Mamre House in Western Sydney.

Rosemary Bishop

Chief Executive Officer

Carol is responsible for the financial, human resources, administration and IT systems. She has worked for four years in the not-for-profit sector and for over 15years in commercial positions.

Carol Strachan

Director of Finance

Barry’s portfolio looks after the integration of operational programs, corporate governance, quality management and partnerships.

Barry Gallagher

Director of Operations and Integration

Amal Madani

Director of Community Services