Our people helping others grow

We’re a dynamic, growing organisation with a commitment to service and excellence. We aim to nurture a talented and committed workforce, build confidence and encourage open communication. Diversity is an integral part of our culture and critical to our continued success. Our goal is to build better communities. As an organisation, we’re:

Community centric We build happier, more connected and sustainable communities while creating meaningful, positive change through dynamic community integration. People are at the centre of everything we do.

Impactful We make a difference to many lives. We care, nurture and support you through every life transition. We’re agents for change and work along side people to ensure they can compete in a world that is forever changing.

Educators We’re active in the community which involves guiding people in the right direction. We educate and empower the community to approach everyday challenges and also to realise untapped opportunities.

Game changers We help communities adjust to the new world we find ourselves in. We’re innovative leaders and are always developing fresh ideas, which turn into better solutions, giving people better experiences and outcomes.

Trusted. We’re honest, transparent, authentic and trustworthy. While we’re a new organisation, we draw on the strength and history of three well-established and respected local community service organisations.