Innovate RAP


Innovate RAP

The RAP is a Reconciliation Action Plan, a business plan that helps create meaningful relationships, enhance respect and promote sustainable opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Australians.

Our Innovate RAP builds on the work we have done over the past 2 years during the implementation of our Reflect RAP.

Our Innovate RAP has been developed to enhance our knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures, and goals for the future, to enable 3Bridges Community to better engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

At 3Bridges, we embrace change and initiate opportunities to build better relationships with everyone. It is part of our core business to provide activities, support and services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and provide them with a VOICE, as reflected in our values:

Vibrant – energetic and engaging through proactively assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, companies and organizations in order to improve service provision and employment opportunities.

Openness – the provision of suitable services must be based on relationships grounded in trust and understanding. This includes increasing our knowledge and understanding through training and participation in cultural events.

Innovation – opportunities to build a better community. By forging relationships with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community we will be able to find new opportunities and new services to better serve the whole community.

Collaboration – partnerships which enhance our ability to apply to provide unique opportunities.

Excellence – leaders in the community. It is clear that other community organisations consider a RAP to be essential to being recognized as leaders in the community.


This year’s highlights will include:

  • Launch of the Innovate RAP at Penshurst on 3 March 2016.
  • Participation in and attendance at the Elders Olympics on 1 April at Hurstville Aquatic Centre.
  • Assisting Rockdale Council to develop their first RAP.
  • Several staff attended Aboriginal Cultural Education Course at Gymea TAFE at the invitation of Kurranulla staff who had a training grant.
  • NAIDOC celebrations across our organization from 3-10 July.
  • Continuation of our relationship with Kurranulla and support of their artists through the display of their works for sale at our hubs.
  • Reconciliation Week Celebrations from 27 May – 3 June.
  • Developing closer relationships with a number of ATSIC organisations in Sydney in order to find new business opportunities.
  • Aboriginal Cultural Appreciation training running through 3Bridges.
  • Developing relationships withAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, including suppliers and caterers.
  • Developing a link with Aboriginal Education Council and the local high school Aboriginal Liaison Officers to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal students.
  • Award a scholarship to an accredited course run by 3Bridges.
  • Pilot approaches to increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment within 3Bridges.