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Aboriginal services

3Bridges Aboriginal services can help connect you to a NDIS or Aged Care Package.

Aboriginal Services can manage these packages and help provide support services for you on an individual or group basis. We have a team of Complex Case Managers that can provide support to families and youth. Aboriginal Services provide training to organisations on community engagement and cultural awareness.

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Aged care packages

Coming together, supporting each other, knowing it’s where you belong, it’s family.


3Bridges Aboriginal Support Coordinators provide a culturally appropriate service to help you manage your NDIS package. If you have a disability 3Bridges can help you to get the NDIS.

Aged Care Packages

3Bridges helps you get the right Aged Care package to help you live at home. If you are over 50 years old we can come and have a yarn with you about the kinds of services available.

Yarning Circles

Come and connect with community, participate in cultural activities and find out about other services that will help you by joining a Yarning Circle.

We also have pathways for your organisation to reach out to your local Aboriginal communities.

Organisational Support

Complex Case Management

3Bridges has a highly trained Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team with strong community connections who work with children, youth, adults and families. We manage complex cases providing advocacy for clients and supporting partner organisations.

Cultural Awareness

3Bridges staff provide Cultural Awareness Training to a wide range of community and corporate organisations. People will increase their capacity to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in a meaningful way and build ongoing relationships with them.

Cultural Supervision

3Bridges senior professional Aboriginal staff provide Cultural Supervision to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff within your organisation. The training aims to build a culturally safe work environment and support managers to lead their teams in a culturally appropriate manner.

What others’s say

Yarnup has provided me with a positive outlook to friendships, social gathering and a lot of laughs. Yarnup has provided skills to creating works of art which I would not normally have the knowledge, thank you 3bridges for a delightful gathering experience.


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